Why you are overthinking

Ever wondered why we overthink? We over think because when we are in ego-mode or ‘doing’ mode which is the planning part of our mind, we need to think. The problem is that we don’t shift gears when we should. Ideally, ‘doing’ mode would be for planning only and we would shift into ‘being’ mode and give our brains a break but we don’t.

Shifting from ‘doing’ mode to ‘being’ mode is at the heart of mindfulness. Often when we are in ‘doing’ mode we are on autopilot and it can be hard to disengage. We have a choice (and it’s always a choice) to move your awareness intentionally away from negative thought patterns and move into ‘being’ mode.

The core mindfulness skill is recognizing that you are stuck in a negative thought pattern or ruminating on past or future events. So, when is that point? When do you need to step away from potentially self-sabotaging thoughts? We all do it. We all find that our thoughts are traveling 100mph sometimes and sometimes often. We can be minding our own business and then that dark cloud seems to hover above us and our minds touch upon many thoughts as if from nowhere. Before we know it, our mood has gone downhill. perhaps our heart is racing from overthinking.

When you recognize that you are in ‘doing’ mode and it’s not helpful to you or those around you then that’s when you need to take a step back and find an exercise that helps you switch gears.

Mindfulness isn’t about not thinking. It’s about being able to go inside your head and say ‘It’s quiet time now’ and like you would with a child, you may need to keep going back to say ‘That’s enough, quiet now’ over and over. Eventually, it does quieten down with practice. Just like with a child, it’s a battle of wills. This one is between your ego and your heart. For all that is good in the world, you know the heart has to win!

Below is a collection of recommended audio’s that will help you to move out of ‘doing’ (ego) mode and into ‘being’ mode.

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  • Amy Wright

    I’m going to spend more time practicing mindful techniques this year!

  • Raina

    Thanks for these. I will definitely be using the audios x

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