The Dangers of the ‘To-do’ List

We all have a few things that we HAVE to do each day. That we should probably make a note of so that we don’t forget. Things that we could possibly forget because we don’t usually do them every day.

But lets be honest, if the list gets past 5 things then you are just adding stuff for the sake of adding it!

1. Brush your teeth
2. Go Shopping

Really? Be serious! Do you really need to remind yourself to do these things? If you forgot to brush your teeth one day would anyone die? Would the world fall apart? No. Not only this, we overwhelm ourselves by adding more and more to our ‘to-do’ lists and then berating ourselves at the end of the day when we haven’t ticked everything off. We are setting ourselves up to fail!

One of the things I teach in Mindfulness is compassion, with yourself. Be compassionate with yourself. Give yourself a break sometimes. Stop and enjoy the moment and don’t get so caught up in ‘to-do’ lists that you forget to enjoy what’s going on around you. Be realistic with what you can accomplish in a day on the dreaded ‘to-do’ list.

Beauty in the truth, and the truth is all around you, and you can only see what is all around you when you stop and observe it. Most of the time we are so wrapped up in comparing ourselves to other people, worrying about how much we need to get done and damn ‘to-do’ lists that we literally can’t see the wood for the trees.

What a sad existence that ends up being if we don’t stop and make a difference to that now. The problem we currently face is all the apps we have for notes and lists. I’m as bad as the next person for using these. I’ve downloaded multiple apps for list making and note taking. I’ve bought umpteen notebooks to write lists in. My new rule to stick to is if there are more than 5 things on my ‘to-do’ list then I need to ask for help or decide if I’m writing things for the sake of writing things. If that’s the case, then it’s time to journal!

If you are stuck in overwhelm and you need a mental ‘holiday’ from it all, feel free to contact me to join our Mindfulness group classes online.

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