Exactly why NOT to join a Network Marketing company

“I love my network marketing company.” Bet you’ve seen that phrase a thousand times before, in work from home groups, on peoples profiles? People usually say that to aid their recruitment mission. To get people to join with them. However, it’s not always true.

I’ve been with a few different companies. Not going to name them out of respect for the people who are in them. It’s always been the same. Little support to get your started, no pointers on where to find resources to help you. Having to buy a certain amount of product from the outset and monthly in order to earn your commission but being unable to sell them off so it just costs and costs with little reward.

You start out with enthusiasm, positivity and huge dreams of the millions you can make from it, then as the days wear on and you realise it’s a whole lot of work and you are being bogged down with all the little things you have to do just to make some measly sales for which you’re only going to get 10-25% commission on anyway. You get overwhelmed by the difficulty of it all and say “I quit” and then you’re on a downer for a while when reality sets in when you realise you aren’t going to be a millionaire.

Network marketing is not for the faint hearted or fly by nights. Network marketing is for people who have a passion that won’t quit. It’s not easy finding the right company for you and it’s such a huge decision to make. You have to ask yourself some important questions first;

  • Do you feel the companies leadership is inspiring?
  • Does the company have a philosophy similar to yours?
  • Does the companies products sell (do they have testimonials)?
  • Does the company have an effective training program?
  • Does the product line have a reasonable amount of consumables (repeat purchase products)?
  • Does the company have genuine opportunity and product claims?
  • Would the opportunity give you a real chance to make a positive difference?
  • Does the company want to load you up with products which you must sell before you can earn commission?
  • Does the company tell you in terms you understand what volume of activity you must maintain in order to receive the residual income from the team you have built?
  • Do you expect your upline to bring people to your business or do your work for you?
  • Are you totally convinced in the righteousness of your cause and it’s value to those you will work with?
  • Do you understand why it’s important to become a product of your product?
  • If you were to succeed with this company, would you have more of the things money can buy and all of the things money can’t buy?

Once you have answered these questions, you will know if the company can work for you. But…

YOU have to be prepared to work too, probably harder than you’ve ever worked before. No one is going to promote or recruit for you. This is not an industry for lazy people. There are no real ‘days off’ . Why? Because the moment you slow down, your business slows down. You also have to be prepared for self development. No matter how experienced you are, social media is evolving each day and using it as a platform to launch your business and residual income may often feel like you are swimming upstream. Again, not for the faint hearted or ‘stuck in their ways’ kind of person. You have to learn new things daily, always striving for new information and personal growth.

This industry is all about communication. If you are selling a product and an opportunity and you don’t have faith in it, it’s too late you are done for. No one will take you up on your opportunity and if you don’t believe in it you won’t sell it. That’s the brutal truth. Trust and belief is everything. Don’t think you’re going to get something for nothing either. Sustainable multilevel marketing companies have a set monthly amount you need to purchase in order to earn commissions from people on your team. Why? They wouldn’t be able to pay everyone if each person wasn’t doing their part would they? Seems obvious right? However there are still people out there who genuinely think it’s unfair. This really doesn’t make sense! It’s like if you have 10 people and 8 of them put into a pot of money, is it fair that 2 people should get a free ride? And if you’ve promised to pay each of them an equal amount from the pot, won’t they be short on the amount because 2 people didn’t put in? Company sustainability is key.

At the end of the day, like I said, you don’t get something for nothing. There should always be a starter pack you should be purchasing (so you can become a product of your products, a success story, a testimonial) and there should always be a minimum monthly personal spend (personal volume). This is how sustainable MLMs work. There is always personal development to do, comfort zones to cross over and hard work to put in.

If you believe otherwise, Network Marketing and entrepreneurship is not for you. However, if you are prepared for the hard work you will be rewarded like no other industry.

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