“When we are unable to find tranquillity within ourselves, it is useless to seek it elsewhere”

When I talk about mindfulness, people always say “I’ve heard of it, but don’t really know what it is”. I can tell you right now what it is, it’s peace, it’s not worrying, it’s compassion and non-judgement and it’s enjoying the ‘little things’. How you get to that stage of it takes practice, dedication and patience with yourself. But, like I tell all my clients, intention is everything.  Emotional freedom is possible!

So, how do you begin? You begin with the intention to learn a different way of thinking and to unlearn some bad habits you’ve had almost all your life.

Sounds hard right? Well, it’s not easy. However, when statistics show that Mindfulness is as effective a treatment as antidepressants. Plus can play a huge role in preventing recurrent bouts of depression, Which is why it is now recognised and recommended by the NHS, wouldn’t you rather give this a try instead of leaving your mental health to chance?

Where did mindfulness come from? It stems from lots of sources but if we look at Buddhist traditions, you will see that they, in particular focus on a ‘mindful’ approach.


Being ‘mindful’ is about being aware in every possible moment, while maintaining a non-judgemental outlook (as opposed to walking around lost in your thoughts, then when something untoward happens all hell breaks lose – there are better ways to deal with it!).

Being ‘mindful’ is about separating your emotions from your thoughts, which allows you to process negative emotions properly. (Instead of thinking you’ve dealt with that hang up from years gone by only for it to come and bite you in the ass just as you’ve started a new relationship).

Being ‘mindful’ is about having better relationships with people around you, because you learn to be compassionate and non-judgemental with yourself (first) and others (rather than thinking everyone’s against you and that person over there is just horrible).

The fact is that no one need suffer, there is an easier and better way and all it takes is a little practice every day. Why wouldn’t you want that?


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