Mindful Attitudes; Trust

Here’s a big one for you this week. Trust. It’s one of the 7 attitudinal foundations of mindfulness and something I believe should be cultivated whether you practice mindfulness or not. The big question here or the big misunderstanding here is do we need to cultivate trust in other people or trust in ourselves. Well let’s simplify this completely. Bring it home. We cultivate trust in ourselves.

Why? Why do we cultivate trust in ourselves?

Because whether we like it or not or whether we like to admit it or not, we are the centre of our own universe and everything projects from there. Whether we trust other people is a decision we alone make and we have to trust that we are making that decision correctly. So it all starts with you. For example, I had my son working as my Personal Assistant for a while and when he started I had to trust that I knew what his capabilities were. It was never a case of whether I trusted him or not, I trust him implicitly. The trust was laid at my door as to whether I knew whether he could perform tasks unsupervised etc. I spent that first week meditating on ‘trust’ and I was pleasantly surprised by his work.

What is the point in cultivating trust?

We all have something called intuition. This is something some of us have lost some of over the years. The beauty of mindfulness is you can regain your intuition over time! When you work at cultivating trust, you are actually cultivating your intuition. Sharpening all your spidey senses so to speak. You are inadvertently working those neuronal pathways which house your ‘decision-making’ brain.

Top Tips

  1. Let go of the need to control situations. Often this stands in the way of trust.
  2. Look at a situation with fresh eyes. Our memories are unreliable feedback and often skew our future decisions.
  3. Go with your gut. Your first instinct is generally right, and if it’s not, accept that it’s ok to make mistakes sometimes! It’s a learning curve!
  4. Don’t rely on other people to make your decisions. It’s irresponsible and you are relinquishing responsibility and disempowering yourself.

Ok, so it’s not easy to learn to trust your own instincts but I guarantee your life will be far more successful if you ‘go with your gut’ than if you second guess yourself all the time or rely on other people to make choices for you. Yes, you may have someone else to blame things on if they go wrong but they will consistently go wrong and that’s where unhappiness lies. Responsibility breeds empowerment. Empowerment breeds success. Success breeds happiness.  This is one of the 7 attitudinal foundations of mindfulness and if you want to do what I do, which is focus on one, in particular, each day of the week, it means that you are sharpening those skills week on week!

Don’t forget, I regularly run Mindfulness courses and meditation classes throughout the year, online and offline so you are welcome as a beginner or as an advanced practitioner wanting some motivation!

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