Mindful Attitudes to Help Anxiety

This morning I had a near meltdown, only stopped by the fact that I practice Mindfulness. After I’d dealt with the issue I got to thinking about how much my attitude towards anxiety has changed over the years and what I do now as opposed to how I used to be. It isn’t easy though, there’s no magic formula. You still have to work hard but at least you know that you won’t be debilitated by anxiety each time it comes through you like a freight train.

The attitudes I do believe help deal with anxiety are:

Intention leads to freedom

By having the intention to work with your anxiety you’ll bring about a feeling of control, peace, and freedom. Only you can do it and without intention, it will never get done and you will always end up in the same place.

Courage in times of need

If you meet each anxiety with fresh eyes you’ll become curious rather than afraid. You can look at the true root of the anxiety rather than being afraid. Being honest with yourself that your emotions are your responsibility and yours alone.

Patience brings persistence 

Once you accept that the anxiety will pass and you remain clear that there is an ending to the pain of anxiety, patience gives you the persistence you need to work through the emotion.

Tolerance helps you ride the waves

Non-judgment means you can experience the emotions without filtering it by attaching the emotions of past memories to it. This helps you to see clearly and allow anxiety to pass through.

Kindness starts with you

Self-compassion grows naturally as you practice mindfulness. It is probably the most important attitude of all to have. You will meet anxiety with compassion which allows you time to process the emotions and stops them escalating.

It all starts with you though. You are the only one responsible for your emotions so it’s your choice whether to deal with them or let them spiral until you cannot breathe. Yes, I’ve been down that hole too. As I always say, set the intention and remember it starts with you.


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  • Michelle Biswick

    I will definitely take note of this. Soooo need to be kinder to myself

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