How To Smash Your New Year’s Resolution’s

A New Year brings resolutions. Resolutions bring guilt and stress. We all want to make this next year our best yet. Perhaps you want to give up smoking, maybe lose some weight, join a gym etc…

The problem with resolutions is they end up being empty promises and you end up feeling disappointed with yourself for not following through with the promises you made to be a better, healthier you.

Willpower isn’t enough to make you stick with a regimen. You need to change your belief system first. Believing wholeheartedly that you are truly able to do something will get you much further than willpower.

But how do you do that? How do you turn a ‘want’ into a belief? The fact is you probably already believe it otherwise you wouldn’t have it in your mind in the first place. Self-doubt is the problem here and that comes from your ego, and I don’t mean ego as in you have a big head! I mean ego as in the planning, conscious mind which causes you to overthink. So the only way to increase the belief is to decrease the self-doubt.

Here is a mindful exercise that you can practice to do just that!

1) Begin centering yourself by taking a few deep breaths.

2) Check-in. Observe what’s going on around you without judgment. If you begin to feel stressed let it be and come back to the breath.

3) Visualise 2018. Imagine what is going to be happening during that time. If negative or stressful thoughts intrude, don’t berate yourself. Just let the thoughts alone and come back to focusing on your breath.

4) Identify your emotions. Acknowledge any feelings you have without judgment. Accept that it is normal to feel the emotions. Come back to focusing on your breath.

6) Relax. This is your time to spend on yourself. This isn’t the time to be in ‘doing’ mode. Keep your focus on your breath and be compassionate with yourself.

7) Think about a loved one. Spend a few moments appreciating them.

8) Gratitude. Turn your attention inwards and acknowledge your own qualities and be grateful that you have them.

9) The intention is everything. Have the intention that you will accomplish all that you want to. Be compassionate with yourself and if negative thoughts intrude, don’t be cross with yourself. Just go back to focusing on your breathing.

10) Bring your attention back to the present. Now go fulfill your dreams!

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  • Amy Wright

    I agree, too many people beat themselves up about stupid new years resolutions!

  • Amanda Jenkins

    I’m definitely going to try this. I am giving up smoking… I will keep you posted on my progress.

  • Sue

    Lets see if this works. I always feel bad when I fail my NY resolutions 🙁
    I do love your blogs Louise!

  • Maggie

    This is really helpful, perhaps I will go a bit easier on myself this year. Last year I said I was going to lose two stone, give up smoking AND drinking. I failed all three and felt rotten about it so continued to fail throughout the year…

  • Raina

    I’m printing this out! Thanks Louise

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