The Heart & Soul Project

Mindfulness Courses & Classes

As well as one to one coaching, I have designed & deliver group classes and online courses!

  • Meditation Classes
  • Mindfulness Family Workshops
  • Mindfulness – One to One
  • Mindfulness for Business

Corporate – Relaxation & Meditation Sessions

Relax, refresh and recharge in office

Treat your employees to an hour and a half of meditation and relaxation. Give them the gift of relaxation, self-love and focus all in one go!

In this introductory session we will cover:

  • What is meditation & the benefits
  • A relaxation meditation
  • A cognitive diffusion meditation (good for scattered thoughts)
  • A traditional loving-kindness meditation
  • A short focus meditation

Mindfulness Family Workshop

Mom with sleeping child.

Join me for a  mindfulness workshop for the whole family! Bringing you and your children closer together, and helping your children to be more emotionally resilient, have more focus and be compassionate and caring with those around them.

In our workshops, we cover:

  • The benefits of mindfulness
  • Various child-friendly exercises
  • How and when to practice to make it a habit

Mindfulness Online Course

Woman Using Computer Home. Girl Working, Laptop Notebook On Bed

Prefer to learn from the comfort of your own home? Then this is the course for you! All online, with full support.

What is included in the course?

  • 19 tutorials (giving you a deeper understanding of mindfulness, how to put it into practice, full explanations of the exercises, examples of how and when it is to be used).
  • 13 exercises (to work into your daily habits, and to help you process problem emotions and baggage).
  • Workbook (to help you stick to the exercises and journal your thoughts).
  • Live online workshops (for any questions you may have on this journey to emotional freedom).

Meditation Classes

Silhouette of a woman yoga on sea sunset with reflection.


A one-hour meditation class designed to teach you how to relax with a wide range of meditations for each class, no two classes will be the same.

Class format includes two different meditations.

Various classes and venues

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