Can Mindfulness Help Your Business?

Mindfulness has become a hot topic in the business world lately. Hitting the USA first as a tool to increase productivity and focus, help the workforce interact better with each other and reduce stress-related absences.

Coming to the UK

It is now hitting UK branches of businesses like L’Oreal and Hobbs as well as government agencies and councils. They are all putting their workforce first and in doing so, being proactive.


Mindfulness does more than create calm in a person. It gives people emotional resilience, enhanced focus and helps them become better at creative problem-solving. Having the ability to stand ‘in the moment’ without judgement enables people to do all these things effectively. It also helps people to become more compassionate to those around them.

So, what does this do for the workplace?

In a report by Mindfulness in Organisations, they found that giving their employees a ‘mindful awareness’ through mindfulness courses created health and resilience which potentially enables a two-way link between top-down strategic change initiatives and bottom-up employee transformation. Many of the top Internet-based businesses, as well as the UK government, now promote mindfulness practice among employees as tools for wellbeing to prevent stress-related absences as well as improving focus and productivity. There are also the consequences for the lack of awareness in dealing with organisational change because lack of awareness can impede the success of positive change within organisations.

The important part!

Some of the findings of the report were pretty substantial and after attending a mindfulness program within the workplace they found:

A 31% increase in attentiveness during meetings (including client events)

29% of the workforce reported being able to sleep better after attending, leading to more engagement in the office.

29% of individuals felt they were better able to deal with situations effectively when pulled in different directions, leading to better prioritisation.

33% of individuals reported to be looking after their own health and wellness after attending a program.

71% decrease in stress, anxiety and depression related absences and an overall 50% decrease in total absences over the 3 years following the mindfulness program being implemented. 

As well as 91% increased ability to remain calm under pressure, 85% increased ability to connect with others and 79% increase in energy levels.

These results speak for themselves, given that UK businesses spend £6.5bn  on lost days. Anyone who is in upper management can now use this to increase their results across the board and not only this, it helps the workforce feel rewarded and valued to be given the gift of a mindfulness course not to mention the money saved on absences.


If you are interested in supercharging your workforce, please contact me here for information on corporate mindfulness programs tailored to each client.



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