Are you on autopilot?!

We are spending our days walking around on autopilot. That’s a really scary prospect. How many times have you driven from A to B and not remembered the journey? This is because you’re on autopilot.

This is not a good thing!

We are missing all the beautiful things that are going on around us. We are missing the simple things that can give us great pleasure. All because our ego is shutting down our ‘self’ and putting us on auto pilot.

Why? Ok, in some situations we need this. We need to be able to shut down to endure. Say; a 3 hour emergency room wait or a training ‘refresher’ at work that you already know and it’s boring the tits off you so you shut down and let your mind wander to stop you losing your marbles. But autopilot isn’t good when it happens without our permission. Say, during sex or when you are driving… these are times when you need to be alert or want to enjoy the moment.

You know when people say ‘appreciate the simple things’? Well, until you step out of autopilot more often you simply won’t be able to appreciate ‘the simple things’ and the problem we face is we accidentally skip into autopilot without meaning to. Usually when we have stuff on our minds.

You can normally tell when you look at someone if they are present or on autopilot. The glazed expression can say a lot. Sometimes you might think it’s impossible to control this feature in ourselves but actually it’s really not. When you are practising mindfulness you learn to focus. You learn to step out of autopilot at will and most importantly you learn to live in the moment. This mean you get to appreciate the ‘simple things’ that you’d otherwise have missed by letting your mind take you away.

That’s the beauty of mindfulness.

  • Maggie

    too often!

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