hat can I tell you about me?I’m a mother of two extremely handsome sons and I live to help people. I was always one of those who picked up waifs and strays throughout my life, trying to ‘fix’ people before they left my life. I realise now how backwards that was, it wasn’t up to me to ‘fix’ people. Over the years I learned that rather than attempting to ‘fix’ people and getting hurt in the process because I struggled to set boundaries, people just needed help in seeing what was already inside them.

In 2010 I came across Mindfulness though didn’t pursue it fully. I was studying a degree in psychology at the time and felt I had no time for additional learning (if only I knew then what I know now!). I began to study Neuro-Linguistic Programming and went on to become certified as a Life Coach and Mindfulness Master Practitioner in 2017.

I’ve worked with women from all different backgrounds, and from all over the world, guiding them to unleash their authenticity and true motivation. I love seeing the results when they establish their online presence, launch their brand, let go of their past or set and smash their goals. This gives me a real buzz. Every client is different and I love the challenges this brings.

I hope you will join my tribe of newly empowered ladies of The Heart and Soul Project! Whether you want a life-changing transformation and decide to join a 6 or 3-month package, my online mindfulness course, meditation classes or even join my free group. You are always welcome!



  • Managing Conflict & Difficult Behaviour
  • Time Management
  • Mentoring
  • How to Run a Meditation Class
  • The Practice of Jhana Meditation
  • Mindfulness Meditation; The Science & Practice
  • Mindfulness & Neuroplasticity

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