Why Mindfulness? Mindfulness is essentially a holistic (as in whole mind and body, not like magic! As some people mistake the word ‘holistic’ for) form of therapy in which a number of healing methods such as meditation, movement, counselling skills and lifestyle training all apply.

With mindfulness therapy, limiting beliefs which have led you to harsh and painful situations can be transformed into creative and productive dialogue. Mindfulness is a holistic alternative to counselling and can provide a more grounded and balanced approach than coaching alone.

I use National Occupations Standards for Health Framework and the ethical guidelines of the professional bodies of which I am a member: International Alliance of Holistic Therapists and The Society of Holistic Therapists and Coaches. I am also on the Register of Independent General & Holistic Therapists as well as a approved training centre with The Complementary Medical Association.


Issues that can be covered:

  • Confidence
  • Worry
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Relationships
  • Business
  • Managing change
  • Memory boosting
  • Increasing learning capabilities


Succesful Client Stories

  • I would allow myself to wallow in sadness, disempower myself and pass the buck for my feelings to others. She taught me mindfulness and how to separate the current feeling from older bad feelings or memories.

    She’s amazing. I’m doing her weekly classes and they are changing my life massively.

    Firari Janudi
    Firari Janudi
  • She has helped me get over my fears and to jump in with both feet when building my business.. not only a great person she is calm and patient, her understanding of people phenomenal so grateful for your time and help and looking forward to the end result.

    Michelle Phillips
    Michelle Phillips
  • In the 6 weeks I've spent one on one with her I've seen myself completely change, I've lost so much- bitterness, disappointment, shame, self-doubt, and even weight! And gained so many incredible things including a deeper understanding of who I am, how I work, what will and will not work for me, a great sense of self-love, a much larger business, greater income, and so much peace.

    I highly recommend taking that first step today- just reach out, talk with her, schedule the time to sit and learn about her and her methods for helping you overcome your greatest obstacle-->YOU!

    In her kind, gentle, yet firm and insistent manner. You will grow just by being in her space.

    I have and will continue to recommend her to all of my business friends!

    Ericka Champion Wise
    Ericka Champion Wise
  • I find Louise a really insightful, grounded and knowledgeable woman. Her videos are easily understood and easy to practice. Her one to one is directive supportive and empathetic. This woman really understands depression and offers real practical tools to help deal with this. Thank you Louise.

    Jude Duncan Jones
    Jude Duncan Jones
  • Meeting Louise online has changed my way of thinking, so positively and for the better. I had tried absolutely everything and her authentic caring laid back approach makes her a wonderful coach and so easy to learn from.

    Lucy Williams
    Lucy Williams Private Support Worker
  • I started one of Louise’s meditation courses when I was recovering from surgery. She was very kind and accommodating of me and my crutches and I felt very relaxed in her home. The guided meditation sessions were easy to follow and understand. I learned a lot about finding inner peace and acknowledging negative feelings but how to let them go. I certainly apply many of the techniques on a regular basis and I’m grateful to Louise for helping me achieve that.

  • I found Louise by chance online and had been looking for something to help reduce anxiety for sometime but just not got around to it! I’ve been going to her meditation class for around five weeks and it’s such a great way to really take time out, focus on breathing and relaxing the mind.

    Louise Lavigueur
  • Louise Dawn Adams what you are doing to help people is awesome. Especially with all the stress people are under trying to fulfil career ambitions and raise wholesome families, mental health is very important. Keep up the great work.

    Maurel Denge
  • Me and my husband attend Louise's mindfulness and meditation classes together. We really love them and they help us to practice techniques together to combat anxiety. Learnt lots of useful tips so far thankyou

    Stacy Huby
  • I'm doing the online course and a class with Louise and I'm really feeling the benefit already. I'm sure nearly every person could benefit from learning mindfulness. Thank you Louise.

    Lisa Firth
  • I started this cause with not much awareness of mindfulness. Unaware, it is something I used to practise back in my teens, a lot of varying techniques, that kept me at my happiest during that point. I always felt like no bring negativity into my life due to this, as I was to busy living in the moment and being happy and at peace within myself in regards to having anyone bring me down. In later life, I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety at varying points, so I thought I would give this a go, and I would like to say brilliant!! I have come away with extra skills, and practises that when put into play actually worked! I found this course to be completely beneficial. Louise’s videos are a nice little top up that remind you to keep practising during the course, and I love the fact I can also come back to any points whenever I am ready. It had made me more aware and has definitely been an asset during that period in my life. Now to keep practising. Thank you Louise, highly recommended,

    Mandi Beresford
  • Had my first Meditation group with Louise Yesterday. Loved it! See u next week

    Hawa Khadbai
  • I came across Louise's page by pure chance. However, when looking closely at it and reading all of the fantastic posts, I came to love it. Why? because I left the page really motivated and kind of inspired. Thanks very much and keep up the super work. Simon

    Simon John Watson

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